This list serves as reference to the artistic net I move in.

Yellow, Gray and Ivy

The architectural joy of planning gardens, the houses within and ponton bridges across. A fascinating stroll through beautiful Wörlitz Park. Near Dessau and Leipzig.

Summer in Spring

And finally more colourful lights again. Friends in various locations. Berlin and Brandenburg.

Panda Moves and A Moving Curtain


Petzug&Hertweck. Bärenzwinger. Berlin Mitte.

Challenged Football


A thoughtful exhibition, that fits its works into the pre-existing show. The performance was great, too! Linus Dutz. Galerie SLIFE. Hamburg.

Blossoms everywhere…


and a great dinner! At Ulla’s Place. Berlin Neukölln.

Peak Horizon Thoughts

A trip to Zugspitze. We were asking ourselves where all these politicians might have met a couple of days ago due to constuction work. Zugspitze.

Methods for Digitaliziation


My students writing the test on it. It was so fun to teach! Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht. Berlin Schöneweide.

Pho Soup and Journalism


Dinner with my friend Linda. Berlin Lichtenberg.

Art and Fashion

Recently, someone wrote that the Fashion Industry would open up more interesting artistic positions than the arts themselves… Example made: Works by Marius Glauer shown at the store opening by William Fan.

Mannequins Falling, Smashing..


on video. By John Miller&Richard Hoeck. At groupshow „DIE NEUE GEWISSHEIT, UNENTSCHIEDENHEIT  DAS NEUE URTEILSpike Art Quarterly. Berlin Mitte.